Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


  • As a steward of sport fishing, it is the responsibility of the fishing guide to engage others in a kind, respectful and courteous manner. This includes: Person to person, social media, as well as giving adequate space on the river to other fishermen/women, greeting others on the water in a friendly manner, no foul language, avoiding any confrontational behavior – verbal, social media, or otherwise regardless of cause, and no bragging/boasting.
  • Share the water with all anglers.
  • Behavior of GHGA members shall represent the upmost professionalism of the GHGA. Always represent the GHGA in a positive light.
  • Be prepared to put-in and take-out at the boat ramp in a timely manner.
  • A fishing guide’s main priority is the safety of their client(s). The guide shall take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the client(s) from the time they enter their vehicle to the time they are dropped off. 


  • No retention of guide’s fish while guiding. Cease all fishing once client’s daily legal fish limit is reached.
  • Abide by conservation measures and reduced bag limits when deemed necessary by the GHGA.
  • Take an active role in supporting conservation and protecting our resources.
  • Respect nature and the environment.
  • As a steward of the rivers, lakes, streams and surrounding land, it is the responsibility of the fishing guide to keep the land and water clean. This includes: picking up trash (their own and that left by others), preventing transfer of Aquatic Nuisance Species and Diseases by proper cleaning and maintenance of gear, and practicing “Leave No Trace”


  1. All fish shall be treated with due respect at all times. This includes: land, revive and release as soon as possible.
  2. No retention of the guide’s fish while guiding. Cease all fishing once client’s daily legal fish limit is reached.
  3. Remain strictly intolerant of unsafe, irresponsible or illegal acts by reporting violations to appropriate authorities AND the GHGA.
  4. Anyone who violates WDFW regulations is subject to GHGA membership termination. 


  • GHGA members’ services are of great value to their customers, being that we are focused on improving the livelihood and success of member guides, we recommend a minimum daily rate near the market rate, and avoid deep discounting of trips. Maintaining a strong minimum daily rate is important to the strength, quality, and fruitfulness of our industry.
  • The GHGA knows everyone has their own team they like to use. We suggest using GHGA Guides if needing additional help.
  • All members will be issued a GHGA decal which will be placed exclusively on the transom of their guide vessel/s (not on their vehicles or other property).
  • Any guide disposing of a boat with the GHGA insignia on said boat, shall first dispose of insignia.
  • No member should loan his boat for the season to any non-member without removing the GHGA membership sticker.
  • Fun Fishing: If you’re not working you will not interfere with guides who are. Respect the guides who are on the water with clients.
  • All Social Media posts must satisfy the GHGA Code of Ethics before going public.
  • The President of GHGA will randomly ask Guides to call their clients to ask following questions about the trip and guide they chose to use.
  1. Was your guide ready and on time?
  2. Was the boat and equipment in good condition?
  3. Was your guide professional in his boating skills?
  4. Was your guide courteous?
  5. Did you feel safe?

(3 NO’s out of 5 would be considered a strike).

  • Member guides will maintain GHGA Code of Ethics decrees during the course of business. Any violation will relate to a “strike” and after three strikes within a two year period, that guide will lose membership to GHGA.
  • The member who violates the GHGA Code of Ethics will be given two written warnings which after the 3nd violation of the GHGA Code of Ethics the GHGA the member in violation will be terminated from the GHGA.
  • Warnings will drop off 2 yrs from the violation date so providing the member a chance to redeem his/her self.